Our Road Ahead: 2015 and Beyond

The “new” for A3 is more than an eye-catching fresh face. Way back in 2011 when the Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance was an idea rolling around in my head, it was clear, new means of help for those affected by autoimmunity was needed. Not that current knowledge and research programs aren’t marching steadily in helpful directions. They are, but so many are now or soon will be caught in the web of unknowns about autoimmune diseases. Autoimmunity is a situation that can often be helped by a little more awareness and understanding about what questions to ask and what to pass on to doctors. General community understanding about autoimmunity, much like increased sensitivity to cancer, can hurry correct diagnosis of symptoms and allow early treatment to reduce tissue damage.

A3 is an alliance of patients, advocacy support groups, healthcare professionals and community partners all intent on increasing understanding and awareness about autoimmunity. Our primary goals are education, patient advocacy and reducing the negative impact of autoimmune diseases now and going forward.

    • Help and support current patients to live better with existing diseases.
    • Alert potential patients through education to access diagnosis and treatment early.
    • Influence healthcare policy to support patients with limited costs and full communication.
    • Communicate the value and successes of advancing autoimmune disease research.
  • Sounds good. Yes? Now we need help in many ways. Want to know what you can do? Keep reading.

    A3 will soon begin to expand from Washington State to other areas in the U.S. We want a series of knowledge “fires” igniting simultaneously across the country; so much strength in numbers.

    • Send us your personal story/journey with autoimmunity. Learn more here.
    • Tell us about treatment success through your healthcare professional.
    • Alert us to participation in clinical trials, who, what, where. We will post on our blog.
    • Outline ideas for a group to support A3.
  • We value and appreciate the many sites and communications that join people living with autoimmunity to share experiences and gain from each other. So much to be gained from mutual support. A3 exists to expand and build that support into the larger community to encourage medical and scientific advancement, patient policy improvements and much larger numbers of leadership and stewardship working together for the 1 in 5 affected by autoimmune diseases.