A3 Leads Support to Coordinate Medication Access for Patients

pharmacy-bill-1566-5411Many chronic disease patients are prescribed medications they need to take in a planned and synchronized manner. Having them all available as prescribed and based on a physician’s time table can be critical. Senate Bill 5441/House Bill/1566 aims to ensure that healthcare providers serving Washington State cannot interfere or overcharge patients as they attempt to acquire needed prescriptions.

Too often people prescribed treatment for chronic diseases fail to take medications correctly. This practice results in avoidable health complications and is hugely expensive to the healthcare system. Community pharmacies can assist in needed medication coordination when given the chance. This bill will greatly assist pharmacies in supporting patients to stay on their program.

Please let your legislator know you support and want 5441/1566 passed into WA State law.

For more information, please read the linked overview from the WSPA: Support HB 1566 & SB 5441

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